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*United Social Services,Inc. (Social Service Board) is an affiliate of the New York Society for Ethical Culture

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The Social Service Board

Since its founding in New York City in the 19th century and moving on into the 21st century, the Social Service Board has been dedicated to 'Ethics in Action'.

Its mission is to selflessly serve the social needs and the empowerment of the lives of children, families and individuals who have been neglected, underserved and unincluded by our modern life, and to provide strength and support to others who also work with us to initiate progressive social change and build a more ethical culture in our society and a better future for tomorrow.

Services include tele-visiting communication of incarcerated parents with their children, advanced senior empowerment programs, homeless women's sheltering, soccer play for urban Hispanic children, quality schools for formerly incarcerated children, psychiatric care for disaster victims, historical education exhibits, exhibitions for homeless artists.

We believe that ethics are the soul of our Democracy.

The Social Service Board provides a multiple array of opportunities for caring people to express their needs to put Ethics into Action. People who desire to become a Board member are invited to attend a monthly Board meeting and see how its members give their leadership to ongoing projects and create new ones as their need arises. The SSB also provides the opportunity for individuals who wish to participate in a project but whose busy lives don't permit them to be a full time board member but can participate in a desired project as a Friend of the Board in keeping with our mission. Keep up with us by visiting our Recent Events and Upcoming Events.


The Dr. Maria Fridman Women's Shelter

Since its beginning in 1982, the Shelter has been sponsored by the Partnership for the Homeless and the Society’s Social Service Board. The Partnership relies on churches, synagogues and other non-profit organizations to coordinate volunteers and provide sleeping accommodations for the homeless. The city provides cots, bedding, laundry services and bus transportation to and from the Olivieri Center to the Society. Brochure

Shelter Photos

Annual Volunteers Dinner Honors Dr. Maria Feliz Fridman
for her 30+ Years of Service. Read More.

Dr. Phyllis Harrison Ross, Dr. Maria Feliz Fridmand and Dr. Anne Klaeyson

In addition a Mural Project on the Women's Shelter walls was initiated and
completed by the NYSEC Teen Leadership Program. Click here to view mural.

Empowering Ethical Elders

Empowering Ethical Elders

    Join the Social Service Board (SSB)of the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC) for a series of presentations by experts on a range of issues facing seniors their caregivers, families and friends today. Learn how to protect and promote good health—physical, mental and emotional-and empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions about health care and social support.

    Click here for full schedule


Supportive Televisiting Services

Supportive Televisiting Services (STS)

    Since 2012, the Social Service Board at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC) has developed an innovative Supportive Televisiting Program that enables children to video-visit with their incarcerated parent through secure live video and audio on a large-screen television screen. The NYSEC provides a child-friendly televisiting room conveniently located on Central Park West and 64th Street in Manhattan. These televisits are enriched by special resources made possible by our collaborative friends and colleagues including Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, Sesame Workshop, and Cisco.

    For more about STS click here

Queens Soccer Foundation Team

Queens Soccer Foundation Team

    The SSB sponsors the Queens Soccer Foundation Team in providing children the opportunity to participate in organized league activites. It provides financial and logistical support to boys and girls to experience the power of sport, sportamanship, sound ethical values and being part of a team.

    Soccer Team Brochure

To Contact the Social Service Board:

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Social Service Board
2 West 64th Street, Rm. 505
New York, NY 10023
TEl: 212-874-5210 Ext. 143

Fax: 212-595-7258


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