Soccer Team

We sponsor a soccer program in Queens for 15-17 year-olds from mostly Latino countries.  This project helps to inculcate participants with discipline, self-respect and pride. The program is run by the Queens Soccer Foundation which was founded over 15 years ago by an SSB member Henry Bunch.  Both summer activities such as participation in two summer soccer leagues, Big Apple and the United Soccer League, and winter activity of soccer training are offered.

Henry Bunch has been organizing youth soccer programs for Latino youth for almost 20 years.  He was a past principal organizer of the World Peace Games that focused on peace and brotherhood among its players and families.  Over the years, youth from over 18 mostly Latin American countries participated in summer soccer leagues and continued training indoor in the winter.  A native of Colombia, recognized the need to help these youngsters from mostly single-parent families in Queens, providing counseling as well as the soccer training.  Many of the young players stay with the program for some six years since they were eight or ten years old. Some of the program alumni have gone on to be professional players, coaches and referees.

The program offers volunteer opportunities for soccer coaches and referees.